Weekend Vibes - A slow-paced, icy one

Monday, January 16, 2017

This weekend was predicted to be an icy one in St. Louis and had most people staying home. We worked remote on Friday and I didn't leave the house, but the boy did venture over and said the roads were fine. I don't think it ended up getting as bad in the area as predicted, but there was enough hype to alter plans. I ended up having a great weekend and am not ready to be back to a full work week. Regardless, here we are at Monday.

Friday evening was pretty simple. The boy and I had a night in. We made dinner (only hamburger helper because I wasn't prepped for the storm), had a game night playing phase 10, and sipped a few brews. It was perfect actually.

Saturday I ended up riding along with him back to his place (which is also my hometown) and we had a low-key weekend. We went to his uncles while they made deer sausage, rode around checking cattle (I snapped the photo above from one of their farms) and then his cousin had us over for dinner and a gathering that night. They have a dartball board in their garage so we played that most of the night. So fun!

Sunday was spent lounging around. The boys did work in the shop and I started a new book and ran a quick errand for more work supplies. Which was a nice little jaunt on the back country roads.

All in all it was a perfect weekend - just the right mix of social & cozy. I was very content and happy with how it all played out. The weekend was mostly last minute adventures and the original agenda was out the window.

Additionally, American Eagle has some really great items lately and right now all of their clearance is under $20. All of the items here are in the clearance category & such a steal. I am really digging the cozy cardigans, peasant tops and the kimono!

Saturday Shopping - Nashville Vibes

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I have a weekend getaway to Nashville on the agenda with the boy at the end of the month. Instead of exchanging birthday gifts, we decided to take a trip together. memories > material items. So, with Nashville coming up, here is a look at a few things I'd like to pack with me!




Friday Best - Friday the 13th!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th + an ice storm. Oh me, oh my. Today is also the 3rd anniversary of my Dad's lung transplant. The only thing for certain on my agenda this weekend is hunkering down + staying warm and cozy. So, how about another dose of the best things of the week ++

Best show to binge watch -- American Housewife
A few weeks ago I was feeling under the weather and spent one evening and the next morning watching all of the available episodes of this. Oops. So darn funny!

Best purchase -- 52 Lists for Happiness 
This book arrived last night and it is sooo nicely done. Definitely well worth the $$ spent. The paper quality, hardback cover and illustrations are top notch. Can't wait to peruse it this weekend while I lay low.

Best weekly mantra --

Best weekly finds --

2017 Intentions - Monthly Household Tasks

Thursday, January 12, 2017

One of my 2017 Intentions is to complete the designated household task that I pre-set for the month. I'm going to break down these tasks (and updates) quarterly on the blog to log my progress. It won't be pretty, it won't be earth-shattering - it will be real and it will make an impact on the state of my home (and mindset). Within each month there will be a series of mini-tasks to do weekly to help me achieve my goal or accomplish other goals outside the main one.

Quarter 1 Goals --

January - Hang Curtain Rods
This is a major one for me- I have been wanting them up for ages but it's a 2 man job that I never was able to recruit someone for (maybe I didn't try hard enough). Now, my boyfriend has agreed to assist me with various household tasks and we are going to get this knocked out. Next week I am taking an inventory of my curtain rods and getting the project in motion. I can't wait. I'll take a few (hideous) befores and (hopefully decent) afters. I don't know what curtains I will hang yet, but it's all a work in progress.

February -Style Living Room 
This month I got ahead of the game by ordering some new furniture for my living room/entry way. I ordered a shiplap coat rack and a bench & also hope to get a new coffee table also. These things coupled with some new curtains, wall decor and a new lamp should have my living room looking pretty put-together.
Entry Inspo (and exact shiplap coat rack ordered)

I love this image below specifically because the set up resembles my living room. I have a very similar couch and layout. I would really like to get b&w shots from my parents' farm to frame like this, I  hope to use a curtain rod & my curtains from my old apartment, and I want a new lamp (maybe like this) to add another soft light option to the room. I am still using the pillows that came with the couch, which are decent, but don't mix great with my rug, so I would like to incorporate a few new ones and nix a few of those. Depending on how costs go on the other to-dos, this one may get accomplished also.

Living Room Inspo- 

March - Clean & Style Upstairs Guest Room
This room is coming along, but still has plenty of clutter and has become a catch-all. I want to get rid of the clutter and get it in order so it can be a cozy reading nook + guest room.

There you have Q1 - wish me luck!

Life Sketch

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

 family / friends / fancy parties / the boy 

Have you guys seen these floating around Facebook? I couldn't resist seeing what my sketch would look like. So fun! I could do without the emoji, but hey. You should be able to follow this link and see yours too.

Have yourself a grace filled week

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My word for 2017 is G R A C E.
I found this image and posted on my Instagram & wanted to continue the theme by making notes on how to make it happen

My plan for having a week filled with Grace --
- Pay attention to moments and situations where I encounter grace or can add it -- a shared smile, kind words, exuding patience, assisting a friend or co-worker -- and appreciate them
- Infuse family time spent making memories into my agenda -- I am heading to my grandma's house this week to make cookies and candies with family
- Take a minute to sit and reflect on happy memories of my father -- the third anniversary of his lung transplant is this Friday
- Make time for ME....After the holiday hustle I was feeling a bit worn down, so I took time to have a re-fresh night at home..meal-prep (veggies, salad and chicken noodle soup!), music, and a bit of couch time.

So, how will you add grace to your week?

:: 2017 Intentions ::

Monday, January 9, 2017

Word of the Year >> G R A C E

[My Intentions]

Monthly ++

- Scatter joy to someone in need
--- This could take on a variety of forms..whether it's a meal, care package, donation, what have you. I want to be mindful of scattering joy once a month (at minimum).

- Tackle a designated household task
--- I have a plan to set one monthly task to accomplish. More on this later. January's goal is to have all of my curtain rods hung. How sad is it that I am 1.5 years into homeownership and this has not been accomplished?

- Try one new recipe
This is an oldie, but goodie. I really want to expand my list of go-to recipes and be better about meal planning. I did it in 2015 & made 7 new recipes but fell short of the full 12. Let's do it, 2017!

Additional ++
- Track another Item Audit for the year. The goal is to purge 200+ items.
- Keep the #EmbraceMO mentality
- Continue to focus on my year-29 goals (these basically coincide with the calendar year since I have an October birthday) ---- brew beer / focus on financials / see a new city / buy a new (to-me) car

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