5 Fall Road Trips from St. Louis - All under 2 hours

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The leaves are still at their peak here in Missouri. My suggestion is to hit the road and enjoy the sights! Here are a list of locations I recommend heading to. The best part? All are less than 2 hours from the St. Louis area!

1. Hannibal
See - Caves & Haunted Houses / Lover's Leap
Sip - Mark Twain Brewery / Java Jive
Event - 50 Miles of Art (Nov 5-6)
Distance - approx 1 hour 55 mins / 110 miles

2. Columbia
See - Rock Bridge Park / Mizzou Campus
Sip - Log Boat Brewing / Flat Branch Pub & Brewing / The Grind
Distance - approx 1 hour 53 mins / 118 miles

3. Wright City
See - Long Row Lavender Farm / Pumpkins Galore
Sip - Cedar Lake Cellars
Distance - approx 51 mins / 47 miles
Event : Holiday Open House at Long Row Lavender (Nov 12th)

4. Defiance
See - The Katy Trail
Sip -  Chandler Hill / Montelle / Sugar Creek
Distance - approx 40 mins / 32 miles

5. Clarksville
See - Overlook Farm / Eagle Viewing
Sip - Cool Beans Coffee House 
Distance - approx 1 hour 29 mins / 68 miles

images :
 VisitMo // Cedar Lakes

Weekend Vibes - Birthday Celebrations (the best!!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This weekend was definitely one for the record books. A weekend of gorgeous Fall weather and fun activities. Check out the specifics below.
Friday -- Work Winery Trip
On Friday we worked a half day and then had a team outting at two local wineries. At my company we have quarterly outtings and they are always a blast. We headed to Chandler Hill and Montelle. It was a sunny and 70 degree Fall day. No complaints there.

Saturday -- Birthday Winery Celebration + Hayride
Having an October birthday is an easy excuse for getting a group together for wineries- Each year I head to Cedar Lake Cellars to sip and celebrate! This year I had a group of about 20 who came out (cousins, my mom, the boyfriend, aunts, uncles, pals, etc) and we had a great time. We lucked out with gorgeous weather.

Sunday -- Pumpkin Party
My friend, Christine, hosted her 2nd Annual Pumpkin Party on Sunday. Pumpkin carving / chili / pumpkin beer / Halloween movies. So, I spent the afternoon there hanging out.

shop the images  >> Saturday looks- my black ripped jeans // my cousin's green fringe scarf

Weekly Bits -- 42 of 52 -- Birthday Week Edition

Friday, October 21, 2016

As you know, this week was BIRTHDAY WEEK for me & thus, all my Friday favorites are birthday related.

+ Deliveries and gifts
My week started with a birthday week gift & an adorable card about day 1 of birthday week being day 1 of gifts from my friend Emily. How thoughtful! And I know she had an accomplice too (Hey Tom!).
I was showered with sooooo much love on my birthday. Texts/Calls/Facebook/Instagram/Cards/Deliveries/Treats.
I got TWO deliveries at work...this never happens, so I was definitely shocked to get multiples. A bouquet of flowers with a balloon from my Goddaughter and my friend (above). Then my cousin Emily sent me an edible arrangement. Treats from co-workers, a package from my mom, special call from my Grandma, a gift from my boyfriend's mom, cards, you name it!
day 1 - birthday week treat

co-workers got me my Starbucks order + SIX cake pops, a home depot card (hello homeowner) and some donuts holes.

a peek at lots of the goodies that came my way

+ Birthday Horoscope
My friend sent me this via the St. Louis Post. I do know one thing, I was certainly overwhelmed by all of the kindness on my birthday!

+ Lunch - Slider House
Definitely a new go-to for me - We frequent there for lunch celebrations. Love their options and I highly recommend this Watermelon cocktail! Plus their atmosphere is spot on - We sat inside by the massive garage doors which were open for a pretty Fall day.

+ Dinner - Grapeseed
Me & the boy went out to dinner (no picture) and split some small plates on the adorable patio out back while I sipped wine and he had some beer. We were going to pop into Russell's after, but it was 8:45 when we wrapped up and they close at 9. Which was a-okay, because I had soo many sweets from the day.

+ Wineries
I'm heading to Defiance (Chandler Hill + Montelle) today for a team outting at work. Then tomorrow I am having a celebration at Cedar Lake Cellars for my birthday.

Here's to 29

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Each year I make a list of "goals" for myself - So, let's take a look at how 28 played out and see what's on the docket for 29.

// Year 28 Goals // 

-Make my nest my own
A lot of progress (new couch, new dining table, bbq pit, etc) has been made, but my house still has a long way to go.

-See a new city (or two)
{Portland is my must-see city for this year}
Check! The image above is from our trip- Thunder Mountain Brewery in Cascade Locks. A re-cap is still to come!

-Make self-improvement a priority
{something along the lines of taking a new class, learning to build something, embracing mornings}
One thing I did intentionally do this year was make an honest effort to be open minded to dating and letting people in. This was hard for me even before my life happenings, but especially hard after. I think changing my mindset was crucial for me, and I am now in a relationship with a great guy. The way it all synced up still makes me shake my head and wonder if my Dad had a hand in it from above. (mushy,  I know. I know.)

-Crochet, dammit!
Check! - I made two scarves-- with some assistance.

Results = I'll give myself a 3.5 out of 4.

// Year 29 Goals //

- Buy a new (to-me) car
{My car is a 2006 and I've had it since then. I love not having a car payment, but I think it's just about time to bite the bullet and upgrade.}

- See a new city (again & always!)
{I haven't decided where I want to go, I'm up for whatever... Phoenix, Palm Springs, who knows}

- Focus on financials
{I want to edit my 401k & my Roth IRA and up my monthly contribution to my savings account.}

- Brew Beer!
{ I have a Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit that I need to put to use already!}

YAY - Birthday

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

// October 18th // 

Hey 29. 
Wishing for a year full of happy.

coming soon :: a re-cap on last year's goals & a new set for a new year 

Weekend Vibes -- Country Music & Scenes

Monday, October 17, 2016

Here we are, back at Monday. This one can't phase me though because it's my BIRTHDAY WEEK!

My weekend started out with a half day Friday & a road trip to Centralia, MO for the Luke Bryan Farm Tour. We had a group of 30 people who went to the concert and I even bumped into my cousin who lives there and attended also. It was neat to see a local farmers' land packed with 20,000 people & our post party included a bonfire, chili and more country music.
I managed to get exactly ZERO pictures, so I'll let you check out the hashtag instead. 

On Saturday we drove back from Centralia.  Then I rode shotgun all afternoon for farm stuff. My boyfriend* farms with his family on the side so he's always staying busy this time of year with harvesting crops. I like to ride along in the combine or the truck when I'm free to do so- The views can't be beat (the first picture) and the company is pretty good too ;) On Saturday's agenda was moving the combine, shelling corn and hauling grain. We rounded out the evening with some Buffalo Wild Wings and a Redbox movie.

On Sunday I went to visit my friend's new baby. Meet Dakota, she will be a month old as of tomorrow! Then I headed to the Danny's parents for dinner. 

I ended up having a perfectly well rounded weekend to kick off my birthday week. I've already started the "treat yourself" mindset and had cake for breakfast today...may go get a manicure on lunch. Still working to figure out where I want to dine for my birthday dinner..I'm either going with a favorite (Grapeseed with dessert at Russell's..or Retreat) or maybe trying something new.

*Yea, so, I haven't made mention of him on the blog yet, but my boyfriend (Danny) & I have been dating since May- wasn't quite sure how to do an ol' blog intro. ;)

2016 Item Audit

Saturday, October 15, 2016

One of my 2016 Intentions is an Item Audit. My goal is to rid at least 200 of my belongings & log them to keep myself accountable. I've been keeping an ongoing list, here's my progress.

1. Blue TOMS >> Kimmie
2. Cognac Booties >> Poshmark Sale (shop my closet!)

3 - 6. sweatshirt + sports bra + bag + popsicle tee >> Christine
7. Fur snow boots >> Poshmark sale
8. J. Brand jeans >> Poshmark sale
9. Chevron top >> Poshmark Sale
10. American Eagle Jeans >> Poshmark Sale
11. Lululemon Scarf >> Poshmark sale
12 - 14 T-shirts >> Erika
15. Swimsuit Cover Up >> Poshmark Sale
16 - 66. 50+ items (winter jackets, purses, cardigans, pants, dress tops, books, shoes) >> My Aunt's garage sale
67 - 68. Old pair of espadrilles and a cross body purse (both very worn) >> trash
69. Gap Sweater >> Poshmark Sale
70. Blue Target Purse >> Kimmie
71 - 81. Misc kitchen and toiletry items that were still packed in boxes from my move >> Trash

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