365 Days Without My Dad

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Everything I See- George Strait

Last year on Sunday, September 27th my Dad passed away. We knew it was coming as he was rejecting his lungs from a transplant.  Expected or not, any loss breaks you to the core. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him, miss his words/insight or wish things were different. It feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time, but no matter how much time passes the raw feelings and memories remain the same.

I was driving to my house to collect some things the day after the loss and this song came on the radio- The timing could not have been more bizarre. The words are incredibly fitting and touching for me. If you chose to listen, have a tissue handy.

"To think a man who led such a simple life could leave behind so much,
It's just a lot of little things but they mean the world to me.

Everywhere I look there's one more memory,

There's a little bit of you in everything I see."

More on my dad's story here.
All my love. xoxo

Life Lately - Monday Thoughts

Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday mornings always mean a mind full of to-do lists, remaining weekend vibes, motivation, and more - which often means a whirlwind. So, I'm popping in quickly to do a quick rundown of what's on my mind today --

- Short work week, because PORTLAND! Preparing a pack list and getting eager for the Fall weather there.

- The one year anniversary of the passing of my dad is tomorrow; still working to process that.

- I heard this new Lindsay Ell song last Friday on the Bobby Bone's Dance Party & I'm really digging the beat and lyrics -- All Alright

- I fished at my parent's pond yesterday evening - It was a quiet country night with a nice breeze and I caught a big bass. Plus my mom bbq-ed; perfect weekend end-cap.

- This weekend when I was doing laundry I decided to update my Poshmark closet. I already have a sale to ship out this week. You can give it a gander here.

- Treated myself to a big ol iced coffee this morning from a local coffee shop & used the newest fall coffee coozie from the Shack. I also had a pumpkin muffin and am wanting to bake some pumpkin doughnuts when I'm back from my trip.

- Fall TV Premieres - I've been eyeing the new series' Notorious and This is Us and my friend watched them over the weekend and said she highly recommends them. Hoping to catch them on Hulu + this week.

Okay, that sums it up for now. Have a happy week!

Weekly Bits -- 38 of 52

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The first day of Autumn officially hit this week, and now I am allowing all things FALL to infiltrate my home/days/wardrobe. A list of some Fall favorites below >>

+ Favorite Beer ---
New Belgium PumpkickMagic Hat Wilhelm Scream / O'Fallon Brewery Pumpkin Beer

+ Favorite Scarf ---
My Lizzie Scarf in Oatmeal -so versatile & pairs well with plaids!
more fashion favorites here

+ Favorite Decor Inspiration ---

Both from qbhome
+ Favorite Tradition ---
Heading to Cedar Lake Cellars for a casual birthday shindig with friends and family

+ Favorite Coffee Order ---
Salted Carmel Latte at Starbucks, this year it's marketed as a mocha, but I get it as a latte or get an iced coffee and have them add the salt and caramel topping (cheaper) - I'm not really into the Pumpkin Spice.

+ Favorite Fall Scents ---
I really like the Main Stays candles from Wal-Mart for Fall scents. They have a good selection for about $4 each and they burn forever.I have a pumpkin spice  one burning as I type this.

// download the image here //

Portland - Trip Prep

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

One of my 28 year goals was to see a new city, and I chose Portland. My friend, Christine, jumped on board and now the trip is next week!! We booked a charming bohemian home through air b & b in the SE region and are eager to embrace the city's scenery/beer/coffee/vibes. 

I am compiling lists, as per usual, and have my musts broken down in the following categories >>

To Eat --
+ Voodoo Doughnuts
+ Pok Pok
+ Salt & Straw
+ The Woodsman Tavern
+ Ava Gene's
+ Doug Fir Restaurant & Lounge (live music too!)

To Sip --
Beer >>
+ Deschutes
+ Rogue
+ Ex Novo Brewing
+ Double Mountain
+ Thunder Island Brewing
+ Gigantic
+ Base Camp
+ Coalition
Coffee >>
+ Stumptown Coffee
+ Albina Press
+ Dapper & Wise

To See --
+ Multnomah Falls / Columbia River George
+ Cascade Locks
+ Union Way (Pearl District)
+ Alberta Arts District
+ Saturday Market

To Pack --
+ flannels

Shop my favorite {affordable} options >>
+ Boots

Shop some options here >> 

To Bookmark --


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ways to add confetti to your day ---
+ do good
+ be kind
+ treat yourself -- cake pops are my go-to
+ smile
+ be humble
+ scatter joy
+ pop champagne
+ dance
+ get outside
+ say yes to adventure
+ meditate
+ be active
+ do the things that inspire you
+ get creative

Life is hard, let's not make it harder than it has to be..instead, let's focus on the confetti, shall we? What tips do you have to add?

Weekly Bits -- 37 of 52

Friday, September 16, 2016

I'm heading back to my hometown for a Color Your Community 5k tonight. Looking forward to that with my mom and a few friends! I always love a hometown event that supports the local community. I would also like to get some fishing in this weekend or maybe head it back tot he St. Louis area for Taste of St. Louis
I've put together a list of 5 things from the week below --

Friday Five

1. Portland Planning
My trip is coming up at the end of this month!

2. Reading Lists
Digging Glitter Guide's & Keira's

3. Oversized Scarves 
Love this Old Navy one under $25. I think the cream is my favorite!

My favorite oversized crochet scarf is from my Etsy shop - The Jessie Scarf (which I guess is an obvious favorite since we named it after me). Photo via Ashley. 

4. Long Row Lavender 
Heading to this new lavender farm in Wright City on Saturday. Can't wait to see (and smell) it! They will be carrying our Three Sheep Shack product this Fall. Exciting things!

5. Pop Tails!
Knocked this off my end of summer bucket list last night. So tasty. Stay tuned for more details and how you can make one of your own!

3 years

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Loss is hard. As time passes, the day to day gets easier, but the feelings and memories are as raw as day 1. Three years have passed since the day that shook my family to the core. We will never forget the lovable, goofy man that Stephen was-- all 6 foot 8 of him. His life passed quickly but he lived fully. All my love, always.

A few posts that may help others experiencing any kind of loss in their lives >>
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