Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Best - Easter Weekend

It's Easter weekend! I work a short day today and then will be heading outdoors to soak up the 80 degree weather- My cousin and I will be heading to a park and then maybe a patio. Saturday I plan to spend time with my Goddaughter making some Easter crafts (lots of fun sheep things) and then me and the cattleman plan to go see The Shack and have a date night. Sunday will start with church and be filled with lots of family Easter gatherings. This is the first Easter I'll be spending with the cattleman, but luckily we don't have an overwhelming schedule, just 2 events to hit. I am soo looking forward to all the time outdoors and spent with my favorite people. So, let's see some of the best from the week--

Best BOGO deal
Target has a sale for buy one get one 50% off on shoes right now- and their shoe game is strong. So many I want!

Best seller
I've been busy this week coordinating the local drop offs for these Easter sheep & my mom has been even busier crocheting away. 

Best plant find
I bought another lavender plant at Home Depot this weekend, except this time it's a hostess gift. When I was there I spotted Pineapple Sage....I think I'll be going back to snag it for smells just like pineapple!

Best finds

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Weekend Highlights

This weekend held gorgeous weather and extremely, low-key plans  and I loved every bit of it. This is a picture from my parent's farm, so serene. A quick re-cap of the highlights & a few ramblings below.

weekend highlights >>
  • park walk
  • iced coffee from Companion + patio time
  • household productivity
  • sports bar date night to watch the Cardinals game and play darts 
  • lots of BBQ-ing
  • family time
  • tons of outdoor time
  • beer + margarita drinks

ramblings >>
+ Loft has 40% off of everything using code FRIENDS. I've talked about needing new work basics and now I need to pull the trigger. I want a fun printed dress, a new pencil skirt, and some of my favorite skinny work pants.
+ I'm still working on reading the Woman in Cabin 10
+ I'm excited for Easter weekend - lots of sunshine and family time!
+ Speaking of Easter, I need a fun dessert to take to and am also compiling some fun gifts. I thrifted my mom an item I know she will love, I have some fun sheep related crafts for me and my Goddaughter to make and I may whip up a basket for my cattleman.  I always love compiling Easter baskets.
+ I enjoyed this post by The Hop Review (fellow Drizly Top Shelf Bloggers) and now I want to try that Kona Island IPA.
+ Long Row Lavender opened back up for the season. Can't wait to get out there, they have lots of our crochet goodies in their barn.
+ BRB, heading to the Dollar Tree.
+ My cubicle at work has become such an unorganized mess of paperwork and such. I have a lot of surface space that I need to be better utilizing and styling. So, in an attempt to motivate myself to stay more organized, I bought this blush organizer and am pinning a few inspo pics.
I think I may also snag this file organizer and a cute catch all basket.

    Friday, April 7, 2017

    Friday Best

    Oh, hey first Friday in April. A low-key weekend is ahead for me, much welcomed after last weekend's #MuddMadness wedding whirlwind. The weather is going to be sunny and in the 70's so I plan to be outdoors, doing housework/yard work, bbq-ing and who knows, maybe hitting a winery. I will see where the weekend takes me. On to the best of the week --

    Best upcoming plans in April
    Easter / Coloring Club / Cardinal's game with gal pals /Danny's Open Shouse{*see definition below} / All inclusive seats at a Cardinals game for work / A Mizzou Fundraiser Event / Trip to Pere Marquette
    ++ At the beginning of each month I want to start working my upcoming plans into my Friday Best posts. In the past, I compiled a Monthly Lineup post & love looking back at those-But now that I have a 5 To Try series, I feel it takes the place of that to an extent. So, instead I'll start jotting down my best upcoming plans for the month in this series. That way I can still reflect back on happenings.

    Best farmhouse/thrift styling
    Ummm can we talk about how fantastic every bit of the image above is?! I want it all! I found a very similar glass jug at Hobby Lobby this week on sale for $11!

    Best helper
    I have to brag on my Cattleman for a second.. I haven't cleaned my gutters since owning my home..
    (20 months)-- I don't even own a ladder. #HomeownerFail
    Well they were taking on a bit of a waterfall affect instead of draining down the downspout. So, when the Cattleman caught wind of this he stopped by after work this week and cleaned + rinsed them out- Now I am all set for April showers. Whew.

    Best weekly finds

    **A Shouse is a Shed + House. My boyfriend bought his farm ground a few years back and built a shed with living quarters in it. It's pretty common in the country, buy land build a shouse, later on build the forever home. Then you still have the big machine shed to work on things and store equipment later on. Well, he's throwing a party as a thank you to everyone who helped him with things during the building process (it pays to have friends that are carpenters, electricians, etc). So, instead of an open house party we are calling it an open shouse party. Looking forward to the fun!

    Thursday, April 6, 2017

    Shopping for Work Basics

    I have worked in corporate roles with business casual dress codes ever since graduating college -- that's nearly 7 years now {yikes!}. Some of my work basics / staples have been with me for the bulk of that timeframe. A lot of my go-to items are getting worn out & have gotten retired. In the past month or so I've retired two black pencil skirts and I have a sheath dress and a pair of black dress pants up next. So, it's time to invest in some new pieces. I like Loft, Banana Republic, Old Navy and JC Penney for work items. I've compiled some pieces below that have been catching my eye or making their way into my online shopping cart lately. It's time to pull the trigger. What are your go-to shops for work clothes?




    Wednesday, April 5, 2017

    2017 Intentions -- March Progress

    My 2017 Intentions have some monthly measurables, so I am popping in at the end of each month to log how I did. March looked a bit like this --

    + 2017 Item Audit
    purged 58 items, 6 were Poshmark sales
    current total = 97 items
    goal = 200 items

    + Scatter Joy -- check!

    + Monthly Household Task
    March's goal was to style / organize my guest room. This got accomplished in February, so I was going to tackle my junk-room-soon-to-be-office instead. However, March was nuts, so I will stick to it being the April goal.

    + New recipe -- Sloppy Joe Boats
    nothing fancy here, but new none-the-less. I'll definitely be repeating this simple meal. It was a win.

    + February's Progress
    + January's Progress


    Tuesday, April 4, 2017

    Feeds to Follow - Crafty DIY'ers

    It's been a bit since my last feeds to follow post.
    So, I figured I was overdue to pop back in and show you some of my favorite feeds I recommend following. This time the theme is crafty DIY gals with a farmhouse style. I love all of their creations & the way they style their space.

    @melandmarcreations - Two military wives whipping up crafty creations.

    @littlehouseoffour - Katie shares so many great DIYs. She has a knack for keeping things affordable and frequents the $1 store!

    @houseon77th -- Jess is a maker with a great eye for style. I love all her makeovers on thrifted finds + her signs.
    Happy Thursday friends! If you've been watching my stories the last couple days then you probably saw me transform this little gossip table using @oldbarnmilkpaint. I was so excited to try out this milk paint and I am happy to report, this one is amazeballs friends! The consistency and coverage is amazing and there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from. I chose Silo for this little gossip table and I just love how it turned out. I wanted to maintain the character of the piece and I think the chippyness just adds a whole new cool factor! It looks old, gorgeous, and is just such a fun piece of furniture. No clue where she is going just yet but I'm totally in love with her new look! . . . . #milkpaint #diy #furnituremakeover #gossiptable #oldbarnmilkpaint #silo #decordaythursday #seasonalsimplicity #displayyourrae #mycolorfuldecor #farmhousehappy #thehandcraftedhome #thriftedlovethursday #myseasonalfarmhouse
    A post shared by J E S S | house on 77th (@houseon77th) on

    @southerncharmedinteriors - Crystal curates a vintage farmstyle in her antique booth and frequently sets up shop at local vintage/craft markets.

    Monday, April 3, 2017

    Emily's a Mudd!

    Happy monday!  I am popping in quickly to say things went so, so good for my friend Emily's wedding! The bride was stunning and the day was a blast. Great couple / great folks / great weather / great food/ and on and on.