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Friday, August 19, 2016

This week has been spent at the lake unplugged + relaxing with my momma. It's been good for the mind + soul. When I return I have to get packed for another trip to Chicago- This time just a 3 day trip for a work training. Busy, busy month!

Where you can find us >> Pool / Dock / Balcony / Local Shops / Dining

Reading >> Me - The Nest, Make It Happen, and started The Island House  Mom- Brotherhood + See Me
Crafting >> My mom always has yarn and needles close by working on new goods for the Three Sheep Shack. This week she is completing an order for a Jessie Scarf and finishing  a Chunky Blanket to add to the Shack. I'm working on getting new listings up and we've been brainstorming new offerings / colors / sizes, etc. We enjoy it!
Sipping >> Me - Iced Coffee + Craft Beer  / Mom - Margaritas + Sun Drop
Motto >> No Hurry, No Worry

Weekly Bits -- 32 of 52

Friday, August 12, 2016

This week was a short work week for me. I'm in Chicago for a long weekend away with a friend and we are excited to embrace the hype of a Cards vs. Cubs game. This is my first time here since an 8th grade trip. When I return I am heading straight to the lake for a relaxing week with my momma.
Needless to say I've been busy getting things in place this week - work tasks / household chores / packing. Does anyone else feel a bit of anxiety when leaving work for a week? Man. Once I'm away and on my trips I'll be unplugged/relaxed, but the prep can be a challenge.

For the train -- candy, magazines, Sofia champagne cans (!!!), snacks.
Prep -- looking into the neighborhood where we are staying for fun coffee shops - looking forward to stopping into Bow Truss 
Music -- the Spotify playlists I have on repeat = Laid Back Feel Goods and Fresh & Chill. I also can't get enough of Dan + Shay's album- Obsessed
Packed -- lots the Cardinals gear ;)

Thought of the week >>
Your vibe attracts your tribe

image via Corals + Cognacs

Putting yourself first

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Man, don't you just love when you read a quote that hits you at the perfect time and resonates in a million different ways? 

My week has been hectic with various to-do's that have left me felt I was being pulled in quite a few different directions. That coupled with stepping out of my comfort zone lately has me feeling a bit off balance this week. The kicker is, everything that is coming at me is all really good stuff (trips, side hustle, etc). Everything keeps falling right into place and buffing out this week and I'm reminded that it's all going to be okay & it's all going to get done. (two snaps for that!!)

So, this was a good reminder to put myself first 
& chill out.
Stop worrying about everyone & everything else 
& focus on myself. 
Say yes to what I want
& say no to what I don't want.

What do ya think? Let's all agree to put ourselves at the top of that to-do list for a bit.

Sophia Turns 3!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Last Monday, August 1st, Sophia {my Goddaughter} turned THREE!
Yesterday her parents threw her a barnyard birthday bash and we had a fun afternoon celebrating. She told her guests she was the "birthday girl", showed off special themed cookies, experienced a whoopie cushion for the first time, and received lots of farm themed gifts (her daddy is a farmer). 

Eager to watch this girl with a vibrant personality grow and thrive this year.

Weekly Bits -- 31 of 52

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hey all! The weekend is upon us and I'm stoked to be soaking up another one filled with summer fun. This weekend's agenda includes an Alabama concert tonight at a county fair, pool time, a Cardinal's game and my Goddaughter's 3rd birthday party. Another action packed weekend. 

A peek at what I did this week ---

Watched -- Bad Moms
A group of high school pals and myself (above) went to dinner and to see this movie. I recommend it. Definitely a funny one! 

Dined -- Prasino
I had a girls dinner here this week, and this place is always a win for me. Quality of food, atmosphere and service is on point.

Paired -- Frozen Waffles + Craft Beer
Ha! I finally got my hands on the Dakine Tropical IPA by 4 Hands. I paired it oh so elegantly with some frozen waffles I had on hand because it was a late dinner. 

Read -- The Nest
I'm not very far into this but it's the next book I picked up from my Summer Reading List

Listened -- Cold Water - Justin Beiber + Major Lazer

On repeat! -- Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know? It's how we learn and how we grow

Links I'm clicking --
-- On independence and relationships
-- 4 Hands is expanding
-- The Hop Review - 16 beers
-- This time last year I was moving into my home
-- Drizly, the Amazon Prime of booze

On Healing

Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Healing won't leave you whole. It won't leave you brand new. It will just make the world shine a little brighter when you're happy, a little dustier when you're sad, and a little more emotional around the edges. But most importantly, it will make your bones tougher, your cells stronger, and your heart even more beautiful." Lauren Jarvis-Gibson, Thought Catalog

 This is an excerpt from this Thought Catalog article on healing. Healing is a topic I'm focused on this year. September is looming and during that month my brother's three-year anniversary hits as well as my dad's one-year anniversary. So, now more than ever loss and healing are topics at the forefront of my mind.

5 Things To Try This Month -- August

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another month & another list of things to try. Each month I gather a list of 5 things to do -- This list typically includes places/events for St. Louis locals to try, general DIYs, adventure ideas and maybe a new read. If you're new to these lists, you can catch past ones here.

1. Celebrate St. Louis Craft Beer Week
Now through August 6th - check out the schedule. Granted every week is a week to celebrate craft beer in my world.

2. Head to Mellow Mushroom
I've been hearing so much hype surrounding this new spot and I'm eager to go check it out. Their patio looks like a great place to grab a bite + sip.

3. Plan a weekend getaway
Go see something new whether it is minutes or hours away. I'll be heading to Chicago next weekend and have a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks coming up too. 

4. Make a #PopTail --Popsicle Cocktail
I've been seeing this concept of sticking a popsicle into your glass of wine  and love the idea for summertime! I've been meaning to make some of my own popsicles again and this is giving me the perfect reason to do so quickly! See Cupcake Vineyards pairing suggestions.

5. Check out the Festival of the Little Hills
Downtown St. Charles is a charming place to explore- Head there for craft vendors, riverfront views in addition to fun eats & drinks. If you go, you should pop into Joy's Collective Market (604 S. Main Street) and check out our Three Sheep Shack space (#17).
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