Monday, May 8, 2017

Post ONE

One of my favorite things about every story is how it begins. I'm not one to fast forward to the end of the book. I like the beginning. I like learning how something got it's start.
So, that being said, sometimes when I am reading a blog, I go back and find their first post. Where it all started. It reminds me of simple moments & I dig it. Here are a few first posts of bloggers on my blog reel. >>

Silex in the City
Keep Calm & Carry On
Sincerely, Emily Ann
Once Upon a Glime
Ramblings by Kimmie
Turquoise and Teale
26 and Not Counting
a little bit of Emily
dash dot dotty
Sunflower State of Mind 
Here & Now


  1. Love this because I'm the exact same way. I always want to know how couples met and how people got their 'start' when making it big!

    1. Yes, that too. Always fun to follow a story.

  2. It is so fun to see first posts!!


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