Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Best - November Happenings

hey folks.
this week flew on by and we got the most magical snow on Wednesday evening. On Thursday I woke up to 5+ inches of fluffy's not as magical to have to go to work as it would be to stay cuddled up at home, but that's okay too. I still have my Fall decor out, but man, this snow has me tempted to go against my ways and decorate for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving. But, we are hosting a casual gathering with our families on Thanksgiving so I am trying to hold off.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Friday Best - 11.9.18

Hey Friday. Hey folks.

Aren't Fridays just the best? I feel like this week zoomed by, but looking back it's not because it was even a busy one..maybe the time change? I certainly don't love it being dark before I leave work...but I do enjoy the feeling of the p.a.u.s.e of this season. Time seems to slow down a bit in the evenings during this time of year, just a tad. Settling in for the night earlier, cozying up and focusing on all things home. 
We took a quick road trip last weekend and it was so good for the soul. I loved the quick getaway with my Cattleman, and it ended up being pretty romantic + scenic. I'll dedicate a full post to the trip with our recommendations / stops. 

One big perk, was soaking up the hotel wifi and getting our wedding gallery downloaded (yes, at long last) - we don't have wifi at our home and this just got difficult/drawn out..but prepare to see more wedding photos now that we have them allll saved.

Now that I have rambled a bit, how about we move right along to the bests of this week?

Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Best - Halloween Week + First in November

Rustic fall farmhouse porch = Pumpkins & mums on porch stairs. Great inspiration for cottage style & farmhouse style fall decor.

Hi. Hey. Hello.

I have sooo much I want to write and capture here, but instead of taking on too much, I'll start by popping in and re-caping the week - ya know, start small. It's a rainy Friday evening, I have a glass of wine in hand and we are about to start dinner and then cuddle up for a night in. This weekend we are heading to Pere Marquette for a quick Fall/Birthday getaway. We plan to hike, zipline, sip at the winery, maybe hit up Fast Eddies and some local shops - lots of fun! But, I'll have to keep this short because we still need to pack our bag.

This week flew by with the Halloween holiday smacked right in the middle. Which was a win. Let's catch up on a few bests. Since it's the first Friday of the month, we'll start with best monthly plans --

Best November Plans --
Our Fall getaway / a baby shower for our cousin / a birthday party / Thanksgiving festivities / Blues game / Three Sheep Shack pop up / and (hopefully) some hosting at our farm

Best Halloween evening--
We grilled, sat by the firepit with fun sips and listened to music. It was a perfect evening. We had candy ready - but zero trick-or-treaters, as expected.

Best Wedding Keepsake--

Best home productivity--
The Cattleman built more storage shelves. We keep working to purge/organize/sort our items. It's all coming along. And! We grated and seeded a soon-to-be front yard. That's a big one - I expect it to make a big impact on the curb appeal of our shouse. Yay!

Best habit--
I'm getting back into the habit of writing in my gratitude journal daily. I this is such a great keepsake + mental to-do. Highly recommend!

Ok, like I said..short and sweet..starting small.
Soon I'll recap all things wedding + home + life. But for now, a short post. Cheers!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

:: Birthday Week ::

Gosh, this year is flying and here we are mid-way through October. This week marks birthday week for me. October 18th. I have had a jam-packed year and a very full- very blessed year 30. I always like to sit back and reflect on the past year, and where things stand as my birthday nears. Sometimes that can bring a sense of "what am I doing, have I done enough, is my life being lived to the fullest" sort of feeling. Can you relate?

This morning I sat on my front porch rocking chair with a cup of coffee & my journal. I soaked in the brisk Fall morning & views + sounds of the farm. I sat and wrote about all this year has brought and I'm left feeling very blessed, happy & content. When people ask me about all of my life changes  - how does moving back to a farm feel? - how does married life feel? - how does the new job feel? -- my answer is always, "you know, it all just feels right."It sounds hokey, but it's true. It all feels right and like it's where I was always supposed to end up.

I wasn't sure how adapting would go - to life back in the country and starting a job mere miles away - which meant no more office next to a Trader Joe's, Target, Home Goods, Whole Foods, Nordstorm, mall, etc. Seriously my old office was so close to so much. And my home had Starbucks right down the road. Now I drive 20 mins to get to a Wal-Mart or local coffee shop and on my route to work I only pass farms and a Dollar General. It's different, but not in a bad way, and I'm adapting just fine. I love days or evenings home on the farm with my husband.

I'm kicking off birthday week with a cozy Fall day at home. We had plans to go to a local picnic, but now I'm in homebody mode and want to stay around the house all day. Candles are burning. I'm going to bake some of those 3 ingredient pumpkin cookies and start a hamburger soup in the crockpot. There is plenty to do around here to keep me busy all day - I plan to order wedding thank you's and keep organizing and unpacking. We still have boxes from my move & wedding gifts to unpack and find homes for. We bought the last pieces of furniture we want/need for our space yesterday from Bob's Discount Store & we get to pick them up this week. I'm eager to keep making this shouse a home. It's really becoming quite cozy.

// For more introspective posts, you can check out my post from last year of 10 things I learned in my 20's.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

September Update

Hey folks.
It's been so long! Life is going really, really good over here. It's been a bit since I've made time for this space and I miss writing here. I have sooo much I want to log here..most importantly, all things wedding. So much great stuff I want to share. I also want to get my re-brand in motion as this name is no longer fitting for my life back on the farm. All in time. For now, I'm popping in to share a bit of what I have been up to post-wedding. Just a quick post for now.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018



we did it.
we are married & honeymoon-ed and back to reality
and you know what? it all feels really good
I loved our day, the memories made, seeing our details come together, us two becoming a family, celebrating with all of our favorite people - it was all the BEST

I'll share more here and on Instagram as I settle back into a rhythm. You can see our photographer's sneak peek album here.


Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Best - 8 Days!

e i g h t  days until we get hitched! Can you believe that? We knew our engagement would zoom by as it was only a 8 month period of time & it sure did. We are so glad we did a short engagement though. We accomplished so much in the past 8 months - wedding wise & generally. We are in the home stretch and couldn't be more excited!

This weekend I'm going to hit a 90-min Orange Theory class (wish me luck), we are celebrating one last date night as fiances and then we are having family up on Sunday to have a little wedding work day + bbq. Packing up all the decor, talking game plans, and grilling burgers. Life is full of many blessings right now.

A few extra bests for the week, keeping it short & sweet --