Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wish {Out Loud}

Robin, with fly far. fly free. Invited me to participate in Wish {Out Loud}. Check it out and join in!

This week I am wishing I would take more time to develop hobbies and help others.

I often feel as if my life is cliche. People ask "What do you do for fun?" and I am always surprised by the fact that I am always at a loss for an answer....What do I do for fun? Hang out with friends or family, go out, work out, work.....cliche. I want to take time to hone in on some hobbies and make myself more well-rounded. I would also like to find a local charity or organization to start donating some time to through volunteer work. So that's it....need to start managing my time better to make it all happen.

Wish out loud

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  1. I feel ya darling, I have no hobbies. Seriously, my boyfriend has so many and he is never bored because of it! But me...nothing sparks my interest that much! Volunteer work sounds like an excellent idea! Stick with it girl!
    Thank you sooo much for linking up with Wish! {out loud} this week :] Continue every Sunday!


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