Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last Thing Thursdays

The Life of the Wife
Jenna over at The Life of a Wife started this link up and it looks fun so I am joining in. Here goes nothing...

The Last Thing I:

Well besides groceries..These boots from Aldo in black. (Before my Lenten No Shopping rule) They were too small and I had to return. Sad face.

A pizza from Pi.

Was Confused about:
This Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf. I got it for Christmas, and have watched the YouTube video, but I have still yet to wear it.

Phillip Phillips on American Idol last night. He is beyond amazing. I fast forwarded the entire show just to watch him (over and over). Obsessed!

Lusted Over:
Anything Tory Burch really..but lately these sandals. Since I gave up shopping for Lent, I created a Lust List board on Pintrest. We shall see what items I purchase after Lent.


  1. Those sandals are amazing!

  2. I agree about lusting over everything Tory Burch!!

  3. I love lululemon but that scarf thingy does look confusing! And I love those boots!


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