Meet Jess

Hey there! Happy to have you here on my blog. I'm Jess, the writer behind Silex in the City. I'm a Midwest gal with small-town roots, so grab an iced coffee and read along to learn more about me and my happenings as I balance life in the city along with life back home in the country.

I started this blog because I've been the journaling type since I was a young gal. So, this blog has been my online extension of that for a few years now. It's nothing swanky, but it's my little piece of web space where I catalog memories & bits of inspiration.

Why Silex In The City?

It seemed fitting for me as I grew up in the small town of Silex (population of 200) and now reside just outside the city of St. Louis (which is big to me) with a population of 300,000+. I'm a small town girl at heart and am immersing myself in all that this city has to offer {for now}.

What inspires me?

Home decor (new-ish homeowner here!) /  plants / local businesses & events /  party details & decor / DIY / craft beer & artisan cocktails / branding / the outdoors / thrifting /

What can you expect?

Posts surrounding >> my lifestyle /  happenings here in STL / adventures (locally, back on the farm, and all around) / lists (I'm addicted) / bits about my Etsy shop I run with my mom / celebrations of life's little moments

Oh, and the boy on my arm is my fiance..lovingly referred to here as the Cattleman. You can learn a bit more about him in this post. We're getting married this August!

(Formerly known as The In-Between)

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  1. Hi Jess! I found you through Ann in Residence's currently link up. Great about page - I just had to say hey since it's not often I find a fellow Missouri/St Louis blogger!


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